Ambient sounds for sleeping, relaxing, focus, masking noise and having a better life!
Let go of anxiety and get a good night's sleep. Pick your best "sleep sound", set the timer for an hour or all night long. Pleasant dreams!
Ambient Sounds can help relieve anxiety, lower your stress and calm you down. One click can start your mini-vacation!
Study, focus, get a good night's sleep and ace exams! Ambient sounds work well in libraries, dorms, University cafes, or other favorite study spots.
Block out those sounds in your head! Mask the ringing with pleasant, calming sounds. The timer and volume buttons give you full control over your sound environment
Whether you take the bus, subway or train, Ambient Sounds can give you a stress-free commute! Arrive at work relaxed and full of energy.



Monthly subscription gives you:

  • Occasional newsletters introducing new sounds and features
  • Access to our full library of Ambient Sounds
  • Email Support
  • Upgrade or cancel at any time
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